Key 2: Get Moving

Get moving

Movement is another important key to preventing dementia. Being active for 30 minutes at least 3 times per week can have great benefits for your mind! Moderate to vigorous activity (exercise intense enough that makes it difficult to maintain a conversation) for at least 60 minutes per week can lead to a 29-40% risk reduction for dementia, and at least 120 minutes per week can have a 35-50% reduction.

Several components of exercise are important for brain health. First, is cardio or aerobic activity; helps to improve heart health, increase stamina and lean muscle mass, and help maintain a healthy weight. Regular stretching and flexibility exercises are also important, as they decrease your risk of injury and help keep your joints mobile. Core exercises can also help with stability and balance, decreasing your risk of injury (activities such as yoga or tai chi can improve balance and prevent falls). Lastly, muscle strength activities can help to maintain muscle strength and bone density (to prevent osteoporosis).

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