Most People Don’t Realize that the Risk of Dementia can be Substantially Reduced

The Unlocking Brain Fitness: Keys to Dementia Prevention (KEYS) program aligns with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, and National Institutes of Health guidelines on reducing the risk for cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s Disease, and related dementias.

  • KEYS is a 10-week course with 8-15 participants
    • Each week covers a topic(s) addressing modifiable risk factors
    • Individual confidential sessions with each: a dietitian, pharmacist, wellness coach, and fitness professional
    • Weekly SMART goal setting and group sharing of progress
    • Safe supportive environment to interact and learn

Benefits of KEYS

  • Individuals who adopt the lifestyle behaviors described in KEYS may reduce their risk of dementia by up to 70%.
  • Programs like these may be able to reduce a community’s cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s by 40%.
  • Apart from the personal benefits and the reduced burden on family and caretakers, reducing dementia has a societal benefit of reduced costs to public healthcare dollars. In 2021, health care and long-term care costs associated with Alzheimer’s and other dementias were $355 billion, making them some of the costliest conditions to society (CDC).

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